Vision & Mission statement

The Whole Company A/S is a wholesome company, leading the internationalization and global roll-out of selected portfolios for The Whole Company A/S.

When I founded the company, I had the vision of providing healthier choices to consumers. A vision that still today stands as the foundation of everything we do.

We focus strongly on natural and better for you drinking and eating products throughout the day, targeting both children, adults – and adult young at heart.

These careful selected and natural choices will come to a market near you

Henrik Winther Olsen, Founder & CEO, The Whole Company

The Whole Company International A/S will serve you as:

Your preferred supplier of wholesome, carefully crafted, natural, better for you, enjoyments, for any time of the day, or activity.

It will be done through a wide international portfolio, covering drinking and eating opportunities, that has a pure natural content. This commercialized through clear target group focus and strong added value concepts, aligned for daily consumption occasions.


We want to be the preferred supplier of natural, better for you drinking and eating solutions,

in close collaboration with our international business partners


Our mission is to make a healthy difference