Quality & Certifications

As a supplier of international, branded products and concepts, The Whole Company International A/S, has full focus and attention to superb quality. Build on HACCP, the company currently has an FSSC (ISO) 22000 certification on several of our brands and works towards all products produced and supplied according to these standards. FSSC (ISO) 22000 is a specific food standard with a special focus on food safety.

The Whole Company International A/S´ procurement team is continuously working to obtain raw materials that meet the specifications defined by the Quality Department in close collaboration with product development and production. This means that our buyers travel around the world to find the right quality under the right conditions. All deliveries from new suppliers are subjected to intensified analysis programs until we are sure that suppliers are able to deliver the quality we require. Also, suppliers who supplied through a period without any problems, is always controlled through our routine programs.

As an example, the production of our international brand, Piece of Nature, is characterized by a genuine process that allows only mixing and balancing. This means that raw material quality affects finished goods quality directly.

This process is called RAW

If the quality of the raw material is not completely flawless, there is no process that can save the finished product quality. Our quality management is geared to manage raw material quality. A very focused control of raw material, mixing and weighing, guarantees the finished product delivers on our very high-quality standards.