Piece of Nature is our 100% certified organic/ecological, international brand. It covers products within consumer concepts for all age groups and consumption situations. Always pure, always natural, always organic/ecological.

A piece of nature, is a piece of magic in every sense!

So how did we figure that out? Well if you think about it, it’s fair to say that Nature is magical. The universe, the light, daily miracles, constant evolution and life itself. If we don’t touch anything, nature just happens in its own breath taken way, although it can look kind of unsettled. But if you look carefully, it’s so beautiful and even more beautiful than any man can create. So, we have borrowed a few pieces from the nature, and put them together without adding anything else. That is why Piece of Nature is a piece of magic in every sense!

You don’t hear a quack - you see a frog

The human mind is an incredible computer where sounds, images, scents, tastes and touches instantly causes mental pictures. With Piece of Nature we want to create a mental picture of what the product truly is: natural, organic, pure & good. To distance Piece of Nature from industrially produced products, which are considered to be the opposite of those values, we are using following elements:

  • Handwriting
  • Imperfection
  • Symbols
  • And a human tone of voice

Piece of Nature wants to engage with humans – to make and feel the personal connection. Our tone of voice is honest, warm, spontaneous, easygoing and happy.

Sometimes it’s a quote, sometimes it’s an encouragement and other times it’s just a small piece of text to make you smile.

Piece of Nature should bring you a joyful break during the day.

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