Our production

Manufacturing, production, processing. . . . . . we believe we blend and knead. We only get the absolute best out of the natural ingredients, if we care for them through the full process from raw material to consumer product. At the same time, we are extremely focused on the quality of the work we do in our production facilities.

The facilities (in Vadum – Denmark) have produced products based on dates since 1952, but The Whole Company A/S took over in 2003. Since then, a constant innovation and modernization have taken place. The blending and packaging facility (in Køge – Denmark) has operated for more than 25 years.

Food safety and quality is of highest priority in our production.  With HACCP certification as the foundation, we have implemented FSSC (ISO) 22000 which is an internationally recognized food safety and quality standard. The operation is audited by an external certifying body, once a year to secure consistency.

The production is controlled several times annually by our local food administration authority. We take great pride in always achieving the best scores possible during these audits.

The production facilities are fully authorized and approved by the Danish authorities to process and pack organic/ecological food. At least once every year, we are audited against the EU organic food standard.

A number of allergens are handled in the factory. During HACCP risk assessment, the processing and cleaning regimes have been set up, to minimize the risk of  any cross contamination.

Also management of hygiene is one of the basic components in the risk assessment. We strongly manage a clean environment in a dry production environment.

Training and continuously education of our employees, is one of the primary drivers to engage people to think food safety and quality in their daily work. We use in house training modules and supervision to make sure knowledge and competences of staff is at the highest possible level.

Our facility is driven by wind energy and only use the purest local groundwater.

Did we mention, our production is CO2 neutral. . . .